CLASSES CANCELLED – Friday, January 22

Good afternoon!

Classes for today (Friday, January 22) are cancelled! 

We will provide information about makeup classes at a later date!

Be safe and enjoy the snow day!


It’s that time of the year….SNOW! And if the forecast is correct, lots of it is to come this week! We wanted to alert and remind everyone about Stage Right Acting’s Weather Policy.

Stage Right Acting does NOT follow Fayette County Public School’s cancellation schedule. Sometimes FCPS cancels (understandably) to very cold temperatures that are present in the morning but are not as bad by the time our classes begin. Also, we have found that roads sometimes clear and become safer as the day progresses.

We take many factors into account when making our decision: back road conditions, temperature, ability for instructors to arrive safely and sometimes weather systems that are bound to hit during class.

Please check FACEBOOK, our WEBSITE and your EMAIL to see if your class is cancelled!

**Please know that we are not able to respond to each and everyone email inquiring about whether a class is cancelled. It is imperative that you check the above resources before asking. If you do not see any postings about cancellations, assume class is in session!**


Thank you!

Summer Musical Workshops!


We are excited to announce several WORKSHOPS for our upcoming summer productions of “Legally Blonde Jr.” (Middle/High School) and “Willy Wonka KIDS” (Elementary/Middle School)!

These workshops will focus on introducing students to the shows and prepare them for their upcoming audition!

LEGALLY BLONDE (Late MS – High School Students)
Music Workshop – March 5
Dance Workshop – April 9
Audition Workshop – April 30

WILLY WONKA (Elementary – Early Middle School Students)
Music Workshop – April 9
Audition Workshop – April 30

Each workshop is $25/student.

If you are not a former or current Stage Right student, taking all of the workshops (Legally Blonde x3 OR Willy Wonka x2) will permit you to audition for our shows!

For more information on these upcoming workshops and to RSVP, visit our UPCOMING EVENTS PAGE!

It’s MUCH more than a studio…


We are excited to premiere our NEW commercial! What’s unique about this commercial? Every aspect of it was done in-house: cast, crew, filming and editing!

“Stage Right Acting…it’s not just a studio!”

We hope to see new and old faces for our Spring 2016 session beginning January 18th!

A Message from Miles!

I (Miles) just want to take a second…maybe more than that…and brag on the Stage Right Acting instructors and staff.

Last night we had an instructors/staff meeting and I left completely blown away by the talent, knowledge and intelligence of the gifted instructors who are teaching you and your students.

Obviously, we are a business and part of our goal is to do well in business to pay bills and put food on the table. However, what I have seen time and time again in the performing arts world are businesses (studios, agencies, etc.) that care MORE about the bottom line than their students. Across the country, as long as tuition keeps rolling in, the owner(s) are happy, regardless of the progress and growth of the students.

I can assure you that Stage Right Acting is NOT operating under that paradigm.

What I heard and witnessed last night were artists who are passionate about students (youth and adult!) getting to their next level. We talked about our students overcoming issues of confidence, nailing auditions, finding their way in this confusing performing arts world, and becoming the best version of themselves. We celebrated classes where the students come from wildly different backgrounds yet have created a tight-knit family that extends way beyond the weekly class (I’m looking at you, Adult Improv…)!

We really care about our students getting better – as performers AND people. I came away from last night assured that getting a paycheck is not the motivating factor for any of our instructors teaching. Whether it’s Isaac being passionate about all students being able to read music or Heather pushing adults out of their comfort zone in Improv or Megan celebrating our youngest students being able to talk in front of class or Trent’s desire for his students to understand the depth of what they are reciting or myself opening up the world of film to the younger generation or Martha being dedicated to making registration and payment/tuition easier and affordable for all…ALL of us want to make a difference in the lives of our students and see them succeed. And for that, I am so thankful.

As our instructors and staff continue to make Stage Right Acting even better than it is now, we thank YOU for trusting us with you and/or your students. We hope you enjoy our studio as much as we do!

Miles Meehan



Students and Parents –

Unfortunately, classes for tomorrow (Thursday, October 8th) will be cancelled! Trent has a prior engagement/conflict.

MAKE-UP: This class will be made up during our “make-up” week and will fall on Thursday, December 17th!

We are sorry for any inconvenience and we look forward to seeing you next week!

FALL 2015 Session – Register NOW!

Looking to take classes at Stage Right Acting this fall? We have a variety of classes for all ages!

To view the offered classes, go to our CLASSES page!

Online Registration is OPEN!

Adult Improv – CANCELLED 7/13

**ADULT IMPROV – CANCELLED 7/13**Due to work being done on a leak/flood, Adult Improv is CANCELLED for 7/13. We will discuss rescheduling in class!

INTO THE WOODS – No Callbacks!

We will not be holding Callbacks on Sunday, May 31! The creative team saw what they needed to see from the two days of auditions!

We will have the cast list posted soon!

Thanks for your patience!

Into The Woods: Video Auditions!


Some of you have asked to send in a video audition due to conflicts/vacations/etc. We will allow for a video audition as long as it is pre-approved by the director (Miles).

If you have been approved, we will need you to do the following:

1. Record yourself singing (with music) a 16-bar cut from a musical theatre song. Doesn’t need to be professional video but make sure we can see and hear you clearly!

2. Email your video to and include your CONFLICTS! This is very, very important to us!

3. Deadline to submit is SATURDAY, MAY 30 at 1pm!

If you have any questions, let us know!


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