Film Training

As the film industry continues to grow in our state and region, it's important that actors be prepared to act for the camera. Stage Right Acting is the place to go for actors looking to break into the film world. Our holistic approach prepares our students for not only the acting side of the industry, but the business, too!



Session I : January 29 - March 9 (6 weeks)

Film Acting Technique (Adults)

This class is solely dedicated to film acting technique - script analysis, character development, and skills unique to film acting.

AGES: Adults

SESSION LENGTH: 6 weeks (January 29 - March 9)

SCHEDULE: Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30pm (Miles Meehan)

PRICE: $200

Self-Tape Auditioning (Adults)

It is critical that actors pursuing a career in the film and television world be well versed and experienced with self-taping. This class will prepare students to act and produce a professional self-tape audition.

AGES: Adults

SESSION LENGTH: 6 weeks (January 29 - March 9)

SCHEDULE: Tuesdays, 5:30-7:30pm (Miles Meehan)

PRICE: $200

January 29 - May 18

Film Acting (MS/HS)

As the film and television world continues to grow in the Southeast region, it is important for actors to know how to act for the camera. Students of this class will dive deep into the technique required to be a film and television actor!


SESSION LENGTH: 15 weeks (January 29 - May 18)

SCHEDULE: Mondays 5:00-6:30pm (Miles Meehan)

PRICE: $350