Peter Pan Jr. | Cast List!

It is an understatement to say that this casting process was extremely difficult. Not only was this our most well attended audition in our studio's history, it was also the most talent packed, too! That made our job incredibly difficult!

Because of this, the creative team decided to double cast several roles and double the amount of performances from 4 to 8. This will give the cast more opportunities to shine and be seen by more people!

We thank every single student for putting themselves out there and auditioning for our show. If you weren't cast in this production...don't give up! Every performer has heard "no" many, many times...and we will hear it many more to come.

Without further ado, the "Peter Pan Jr. Cast List"!

**IMPORTANT: If cast, please ACCEPT or DECLINE your role by filling out the form below!**

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Monday, May 21st @ 6:30pm