Saturday, May 18

10am - 3pm

This event is the link that will connect actors to producers, and producers to actors. Central Kentucky is filled with actors of all ages looking for legitimate work and opportunities to use their training. Unfortunately, the local casting framework has kept Kentucky’s talent hidden and production companies desperate for professional actors.


TalentExpo’s Mission

TalentExpo strives to solve that casting problem through a one-day event where actors and producers will link up. While production companies will meet local and passionate actors for future shoots, actors will get the chance to take a step forward by networking with professional production companies and filmmakers.

Producers & Filmmakers

·       Tap into local Kentucky talent by meeting actors face-to-face.

·       Minimize risky casting decisions.

·       Educate local actors on your wants and needs for auditions and shoots.

·       Receive a look-book for your future projects!




·       Take a step forward by submitting your headshot and resume directly to producers and filmmakers.

·       Network with other actors.

·       Continue to train by attending the actor workshop.

·       Be featured in a local industry look-book!